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Brand story

Brand story

   Yaju was born in an alley in the Eastern of Tainan.The factory at that time was not large,and the space for materials was limited.We didn't have any extra funds for advertising or marketing.In spite of this,we established a requtation through word of mouth among our customers,because we always insist on providing the best quality at the most affordabie price.Although we don't have much employes at that time.But we insist the philosophy which is creating a comfortable,safe and non-toxic home for each customers.Because of this reason,that is why our company can be known by more people.

Relocation and Expansion

   After several years of operation and good reputation promotion,orders and employees are increasing quickly.We cannot provide service for all customers in this such a small area. So we moved to Taiyi industrial Zone.

   At that time, the Internet market was booming. Follow this trend, so we decided to engage in Internet market on well-known auction website. It can provide detailed information about prouct specifications, prices and materials on websites, so that customers can be more clear and convenient when purchasing. Factory and online store complement with each other. Our customers have expanded from Tainan and Kaoshiung to Changhua and Taichung.

  Despite there is detailed information on website. There is no physical sample can let customer take a look. This problem sometimes make customers feel worry and doubt of us. After several months discussed,we made a decision ,we decided to relocate the factory and start operating the first "Tainan store".